Petite Roses & Gold 5ml


Roses & Gold Serum 

Nourish your mind, skin, and soul … 

Honor your mind, skin & soul with this divine elixir, handcrafted with pure 24k gold and organic essential oils. It has both skincare and aromatherapy benefits, creating positive emotions when inhaled and nourishing your skin when topically applied. 

Ingredients: 24k gold flakes, Wildcrafted Moroccan rose essential oil, Organic Egyptian geranium rose essential oil, Organic Rosehip seed oil, Vitamin e oil, Organic jojoba oil

Skin Benefits: Restores youthfulness and beauty, lightens dark spots while diminishing scars, hydrates and smoothes wrinkles, calms redness and irritation, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and anti aging. For flawless skin that glows with joy. 

Aromatherapy Benefits: Rose oil holds a higher vibration than any other oil on the planet. It is a powerful healer of the heart and emotional wounds. Rose embodies divine love and smells like an exquisite deep bouquet of rosy sweetness. A healing oil for times of loss and grief. It represents love, purity and passion. Supports overall well being, Restores self esteem and encourages forgiveness for ourselves and others. 

1) Apply 3-6 drops of elixir onto palms 2) Rub hands together 3) Place your palms in front of your face and inhale the aroma which causes the limbic system of the brain to release neuro chemicals resulting in positive emotions. 4) Place your palms onto your face and gently dab the elixir onto your face, neck, chest and shoulders.

Properties: Anti Anxiety, Anti Aging, Antioxidant, Aphrodisiac, Hormone Balancing, Sedative, Nervine, Anti Inflammatory, Anti Bacterial, Soothing.

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